Mobile as a service (MaaS) is leading the global trend of innovation, including technology companies, automobile manufacturers, information service companies, logistics and transportation and academic research institutions and other cross-industry institutions. These institutions have successively adopted specialized division of labor, strategic alliances or Investment, joint ventures and other methods have expanded the energy of niche market services and gradually integrated and constructed a global smart mobile service ecosystem.

With the development trend of the business model of the mobile service industry, RITI took the lead, participated in this change, and saw many opportunities. In order to stay ahead in the rapidly changing mobile service industry, RITI has to enter the ecosystem of new ventures. The system creates a long-term cooperative relationship. Therefore, the MRM open platform strategy demonstrates RITI’s strong ambition to transform service upgrades again as it approaches its 30th anniversary.

Fulfill the Open Strategy and Move Towards a Smart Mobile Ecosystem

In the process of flexibly integrating various services in the smart mobile industry, we adopt the technology and best solutions of the MRM open platform to improve flexibility, success rate and sustainable development.

Smart Kit

The integrated application package provided by the MRM open platform can support the process of mobile resource management, and also can assist enterprises in managing various processes and links. The links cover employees, customers, products, expenditures, finance and IT, and with the embedded analysis, you can get mobile resource management with a full operational vision.

Mobile Ecosystem

RITI’s MRM open platform solution allows you to find and deploy one-stop solutions for vertical industries through RITI and RITI’s partners, helping you apply the best practices of top industries, and expand and optimize existing business processes.

Open Platform

The MRM open platform provides data management and analysis, and supports developing innovative applications. The MRM open platform also allows companies to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to effectively promote innovative products and services.