News combined with ORO TPMS at the 2017 Latin American Tire Show


| The condition of tires is critical to driving safety. Even if there are no mandatory regulations, it is worth strengthening self-management. Through technology, the TPMS device measures the tire pressure and temperature in real time while the vehicle is driving, and at the same time records the changes in the values over time. It can display the information in the car for the driver and display it on the cloud for the fleet manager to understand, so that a more effective two-way safety management mechanism can be implemented. TPMS will be no longer a stand-alone using device. When the TPMS system detects that the tire pressure or the tire temperature is too high or too low, the system will issue a warning to remind the driver to take immediate countermeasures, which can greatly reduce the probability of an accident. eLocation™ satellite fleet management service platform can integrate tire pressure detection system, transform relevant data into information required for the fleet management, combing with the vehicle maintenance and management functions, our service can keep tires in the best condition!

In addition to driving safety requirements, energy saving is also one of the indicators of tire pressure management. According to experts, driving with insufficient tire pressure will cause the tire temperature to be too high, the material of the tire becomes soft and easy to be worn, and the tire may cause a puncture when the tire marks on the road are serious. Therefore, maintaining the standard tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption and save energy and reduce carbon and extend the service life of tires. If the tire pressure is too low, it will increase fuel consumption, because insufficient tire pressure will increase tire rolling resistance. Incorrect tire pressure will also increase many sequelae, such as uneven tire wear, reducing tire service life, increasing the noise of driving, reducing the resistance of the vehicle to centrifugal force when cornering, resulting in insufficient cornering grip, increasing the risk of cornering, and it is also easy to wear to the lip of the tire, and even cause the tire edge to crack and puncture; If the tire pressure one side high and one side low, the driving will be biased and cause snaking, which will affect the stability of high-speed driving, and it will also damage the suspension system. It can be seen that a small inspection action can ensure driving safety and reduce waste.

A few days ago, RITI Technology Inc. and ORO Technology joined hands to combine TPMS products with an IDU GPS device and a cloud fleet management platform to participate in the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2017. In the past ten years, the consumption growth of tires in Latin America is more than 30%, we can see the vigorous development of its automobile industry, which also drive the demand for the Internet of Vehicles at the same time. At present, solutions that can combine cloud services with offline physical vehicle products are particularly favored by purchasers.

RITI Technology Inc. IDU connects to ORO TPMS

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